🏆 2017 Catalyst for Innovation Award Winner 🏆

Presented by the Secretary of the Navy

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On behalf of the Naval Seas System Command and our many sponsors across the navy, we are excited to introduce the U.S. Navy's premiere digital experience for building a community of practice in maritime security: HACKtheMACHINE.

Computers, data, and digital communications underpin the global economy and the delivery of the world's life-sustaining services like food, power, and clean water. To stay ahead of adversaries that may attempt to disrupt these bedrock elements of digital security through cyber-attack or other means, HACKtheMACHINE is looking to reach out to a new generation and engage in meaningful conversations about opportunities to innovate, create maritime security, and have a positive effect in a changing world.

HACKtheMACHINE Seattle will allow participants to get hands-on experience with digital challenges faced by the U.S. Navy and have fun with equipment and data that has never been seen in a public event. The ideas and innovations at this event will inform our thinking about cybersecurity, machine learning, and rapid prototyping.

Some of America's most talented and innovative software engineers, data scientists, and security researchers will be attending HACKtheMACHINE Seattle. This event gives a chance for the very best minds in our country to get an opportunity to learn what the navy is about while teaming up to solve vexing digital security challenges of today and the future. HACKtheMACHINE is the Blue Angels for Geeks!

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