Data Science & the Seven Seas

The U.S. Navy is symbolized by intrepid steel ships brought to life by thousands of machines which give these magnificent vessels the power to sail the seven seas.  But unlike the machines of only a few decades ago today's turbines, pumps and generators are creating gigabytes of data as they run.  We have pulled a new data set from our engine rooms all over the world for HACKtheMACHINE.  So team up or compete solo to help us understand these machines better.   


A digital Navy must must harness the power of its performance data to better understand the operational readiness of the fleet, to predict failure, to diagnose cyber-attack and to ensure we are ready for the fight if it comes.  Temperature, vibration, and rotations per minute (RPMs) are just a few of the various data points that can analyzed to understand the implications of normal wear and tear or even worse, identify potential cyber-attacks.

Leveraging performance and maintenance data, you can help Sailors unlock the keys of optimized maintenance schedules, machine failure prediction, system performance optimization, or anomaly detection requiring investigation.  Whether examining a single ship's data or looking across a strike group for hidden patterns, this challenge will test your machine learning skills to generate algorithms that will help the Navy chart a course to merge Data Science and the Seven Seas.