Do I have to be an engineer to come to the event?

No! We welcome everyone at all skill levels. Not all the problems we are tackling this weekend will be engineering challenges. Designers, artists, poets, students, subject matter experts as well as engineers of all levels are encouraged to understand the Navy Digital Experience.

For active duty navy: are uniforms required?

The purpose of HACKtheMACHINE is to build new relationships with people who may have no other experiences with the Navy or the U.S. military.  So to keep things informal we will be in civilian casual clothes at all events except Summer Whites or service equivalent in honor of our heritage Friday afternoon at USS CONSTITUTION.

Do I need to come with a team already formed?

No, time has been set aside in the schedule for meeting other participants and forming teams. However, you are welcome to come with pre-formed teams as well.

Will there be a cap for team Size?

The ideal team size is 5-8 people.

Will I need to bring a laptop computer or other hardware?

Probably.  There will be some development machines provided in Track 3, but most of the other challenge tracks will require you to have a computer of your own to develop code, algorithms or immersive environments.  You will probably need admin rights on your laptop if you want to install some of the open source software tools suggested in the read-ahead material which will come out the week of the challenge. You can also bring software defined radios like the USRP or implants like a Raspberry Pi for Track 1. 

Do I need to do anything before the Challenge kick-off?

The first thing you need to do is register - you can do that here on our registration page. There will be additional resources made available as we approach the date of the event. We'll send you an email if there are any updates relevant to the challenge in which you have chosen to participate.

What if I’m new to the field or don’t have enough experience?

We’ve designed each challenge and the use cases to be inclusive and open to all skill sets, so don’t let this hold you back!

Who are the judges and mentors? 

Judges and mentors are comprised of subject matter experts (SMEs) drawn from across related fields. We will have experts from the military, intelligence community, industry and academia. They’ll be on-site to provide guidance to teams throughout the weekend.

What if I can only attend for part of the event? 

It is important for attendees to participate across the full event because your teammates will be counting on you. Just let us know of any conflicts in advance, if possible.

Who do I contact if I have more questions? 

Drop us a line on the contact page here – we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Where do I register for the event?

Visit our Registration Page here!

MIT CSAIL is a big place.  Where exactly do I go on day 1?

Friday - If you are arriving for the workshops at CSAIL on Friday then check-in will be set up on the fourth floor.  Enter the CSAIL Stata building via the Gates Lobby near the Collier Memorial (at the intersection of Vassar and Main st) and follow the HACKtheMACAHINE signs.  

Saturday - Continental Breakfast and event kickoff on Saturday will be held in the Building 34 Auditorium, MIT 34-101.  Enter from 50 Vassar St and follow the HACKtheMACHINE signs.

What will this Weekend accomplish?

We hope that this weekend will be inspiring for participants and spark conversations around the specific challenges and more broadly how the U.S. Navy can use information power to protect and defend our nation and our allies. Regardless of how well you do in a challenge, we assure you that you will go home more knowledgeable about the problems the Navy is facing, inspired by the people you meet, and with an expanded skill set around the challenge in which you participate. 

Is the Location Handicap Accessible?

Yes, all events will be held in accessible facilities

Is there an Age limit?

You must be eighteen to participate.  Waivers can be granted on a case-by-case basis.  Use the contact page if you would like an age waiver. 

Is september 21st part of the event?

No.  Some original schedules included the 21st as tutorial day, but all workshops and tutorials are being held on Friday, 22 September before the team-building on USS CONSTITUTION.

how does access to the CTF game environment work in track 1 - maritime capture the flag?

Access is turn-based in phases.  There are three phases to the CTF game: in port, underway, and entering restricted waters.  Each team will get a 10-15 minute scoring opportunity during each of these phases as well as unstructured time before the scoring phases to test and scan the vessel networks.

How should I get to the event?

It is highly recommended to take public transportation to the event. The MBTA is a five minute or less walk to the building. Parking on campus is very limited and only available for purchase. If you decide to drive, here are some local garages that we suggest.

Will There Be Prizes?

The Dr. Herschel Loomis Awards for Inspirational Design will be presented by the Naval Postgraduate School at the conclusion of the event on Sunday. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams in each challenge. The first place team will receive $1500, 2nd place $1000, and 3rd place will receive $500.