The U.S. Navy digital Experience


On behalf of the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Cyber Warfare and the Naval Sea Systems Command Chief Engineer, we are excited to have you join us at the U.S. Navy's premiere digital experience for Building a Community of Practice in Maritime Security.

This is not just another hackathon. This is the Blue Angels for geeks! Sure there are contests on challenging problems, but HACKtheMACHINE is really about inspiring an innovation generation, and assuring our citizens that despite an ever-growing list of cyber crimes reported in the media the U.S. Navy is on call and ready to execute cyber warfare in defense of our nation and our allies.  

We are inviting everyone to get a hands on experience in maritime cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality team building. So come join us in Boston aboard USS CONSTITUTION for HACKtheMACHINE and get a first hand introduction to the Navy's digital challenges.  Then team up to compete for two days at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab.


A Challenge for Everyone

Participants in the Navy Digital Experience have the choice to contribute to one of three challenges: Maritime Capture the Flag, Data Science and the Seven Seas, and Virtual Reality Team Building. Whatever your technical expertise; come out, join a team, and dive in.  We are looking to build new partnerships and see new ideas.  So show us what you can do on equipment and datasets that are not available anywhere else. 


Maritime capture the flag

We've all seen computers, phones, and cars hacked - Do you have what it takes to hack a ship? We have built the world's first maritime electronic test bed (TRUDI) for conducting cybersecurity research. Join us for an exclusive game of maritime capture the flag and show off your skills.  

Data Science and the Seven Seas

At the heart of our Navy are thousands of machines that drive our ships and submarines. We are harnessing artificial intelligence to better understand these machines. Compete to design algorithms on a dataset culled from the Navy's engine rooms around the world and help us link data science and the seven seas.

VR Iconsmallj.jpg

Virtual reality Disaster Relief

We are at our best when we are helping our friends and allies. Show us how to build better teams with immersive technologies in a disaster relief effort. We will bring cutting edge VR/AR tools and plans for our newest robot submarine. You bring your best ideas for immersive team building between humans and machines.