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Your mission

Can you hack into the Navy’s emerging unmanned pilot systems? Before the U.S. Navy can readily deploy drone swarm technologies in the battlefield, they must know that the integrated systems are secure and impenetrable from outside attack. Where would a potential security failure occur that could bring about detrimental results if left undiscovered? In the Track 1 challenge, Hack the Pilot, you will have a chance to compete for up to $25,000 in this bug bounty challenge.


Bug Bounty Prizes

Up to $25,000 will be awarded on bugs found based on criticality.
High  -  $600
Medium  - $400
Low - $300

Bounty Hunter Award Bonus

Prizes will also be awarded for finding the most bugs.
1st  -  $2,500
2nd  -  $1,500
3rd  -  $1,000


Here's how this is going to work:

In this challenge, a variety of bugs at differing cash levels will be yours for the finding. Participants will be provided with an autopiloting system for an UXV by a community partner. The participants will be challenged to test and identify all vulnerabilities in the code base. Once the bugs have been verified and statistically analyzed by subject matter experts, they will be classified and assigned points.

The first participant to find each bug will be awarded a cash bounty commensurate with the difficulty and complexity of each bug, along with the assigned points for that bug. If multiple participants find the same bug, both competitors will receive points, but only the fastest will get the cash. The cash bounty will be awarded to the first participant to find and log the vulnerability, and any subsequent participants that identify a duplicate bug will be awarded points only.

Bonus Track Bounty Hunters! An additional cash award bonus will be distributed to the top 3 scoring participants. The bigger the bug, the bigger the cash award, so keep hunting for more bugs to grow your tally!

HACKtheMACHINE: Unmanned
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