Track 3: Hack for the Ocean

Over the years, the Navy has been a leader in the technology space spearheading some of the most transformative technologies for society at large. As we have entered an age of big data and complex data driven decision making, the Navy has shifted their focus towards DevOps in order to allow their personnel around the world in some of the harshest remote conditions to access the tools and data needed perform at such a high level.

One of the Navy’s major initiatives of late is the Consolidated Afloat Network and Enterprise Services (CANES). This is the single largest, most complex upgrade to C4I cyber systems in U.S. Navy history. The Center's numerous unique facilities, test beds and experimentation platforms serve as the launching pad for game-changing innovations.

In this challenge, teams will put themselves in the position of the first responders after Hurricane Katrina. Your team will deploy applications to a similar environment to the Navy CANES Agile Core Services system emulating what value a first responder DevOps team could add in such a scenario. While responding to emergency situations, network connections, infrastructure availability and data services typically become less reliable. The core of this challenge is to build container based applications that are self-healing, resilient and respond to network and data restrictions. The applications deployed will be put to the test, stress tested under conditions a team in such an environment would be likely to face. The most resilient application will be declared the champions and help the Navy CANES team work through pain points that sailors may encounter.