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The U.S. Navy needs a better way of presenting problems via models and algorithms, and are seeking model and algorithm-based responses in our engagement with industry.


Track 3 is a three-challenge series that lasts past the end of HACKtheMACHINE Unmanned. Participants will be given a set of mission goals and are asked to build a simulation scenario of a wide-area search, then will be asked to create model-based solutions for defined situations within the created model. Finally, participants will determine if the model-based solutions they create can outperform a heterogenous collection of objects combatting the scenario.






Challenge 1

In this challenge, participants will use the provided platform and a defined mission problem, and will be asked to build out the simulation scenario. This will answer whether the system utilized adequately creates the environments, or whether another system should be used.

Challenge 2

In this challenge, given the mission scenario, suite of tools, and a budget, the participants are tasked with creating a model-based solution for the defined situation within the simulation scenario they create in Challenge One.

Challenge 3

In this challenge, given the mission scenario, suite of tools, and a budget, the participants are tasked with testing whether the model-based solutions they created from Challenge Two are actually best suited for finding threats, versus traditional methods.



As mentioned, Track 3 will extend past the one week live, virtual event. The participants will be evaluated at a TBD date based on metrics that are still being developed, and prizes will be awarded several weeks post-event. This will allow for the participants to focus on creating quality and deployable solutions, rather than quick fixes for the sake of timely competition. As the world continues to evolve, so must the way the U.S. Navy presents and addresses problems.

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