Data Science: Cleared for Takeoff

Track 2: Data Science — Cleared for Takeoff

Aircraft like the F-18 fighter are some of the Navy’s most important—yet complex—assets, making aircraft maintenance one of the Navy’s most vexing and expensive problems. You will help the Navy learn whether data science and machine learning can predict maintenance problems before they happen and keep aircraft like the F-18 in the air longer.




  1. Form and finalize the members of your team (target around 10 people).

  2. Register for a GitLab account using the Gitlab link below. Every member of a team should do this.

  3. Fill out Team Registration form using the link below. Every member of the team should register.

  4. We will let you know when your team has been allowed access to the environment.

  5. Join the HACKtheMACHINE Slack group using this link: https://bit.ly/2k33zcL